Value Proposition & Customer Development

We conduct audience research toward establishing problem-solution fit and help design value propositions to meet customer needs. Identify target audience segments (i.e. early evangelists) that represent the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior of those individuals looking to solve their problems using your category of products or services.

We employ a blend of traditional and growth hacking techniques to identify and test value propositions and audiences. 

Complementary Services:


♦ Surveys

♦ Business Model Analysis

I Need Value Proposition Analysis


Please click on the ‘I need value proposition analysis’ button above and complete the ‘contact us’ form. Upon submitting the ‘contact us’ form, you will receive a call from us within 24 hours. You also have the option to call us directly at 646-883-9177.

We’ll setup a exploratory call to hear more about your needs. Based on that conversation, we’ll put together a proposal and subsequent to proposal acceptance, we’ll forward a Service Agreement and Statement of Work.

Our value proposition and customer development process is quite in-depth. We conduct desk (secondary) research and primary research (via pain points survey) as part of the persona creation and customer development process. We also create a customer decision journey that details need states, motivations, emotions, thoughts, and touchpoints.

Regarding problem-solution fit, we incorporate an empathy map to match pains and gains to value proposition design. We also put together a schedule of ‘growth hacking’ tests to identify early evangelists and key features. 

Value Proposition & Customer Development pricing varies based on the type and extent of input data, qualitative research, and testing.

After the project has been completed, don’t worry. We will remain available for questions and limited consulting to support deliverables, free of charge.