User Interviews

We conduct online, in-person, and telephone interviews to gather thoughts, feelings, and opinions from your target audiences. Interviews can be standalone or part of user segmentation, decision journey research, usability testing, and protocol analysis. We can craft interviews for a variety of purposes including:

  • feature selection
  • needs analysis
  • customer satisfaction
  • attitudes and preferences
  • value proposition analysis

We also offer projective techniques in a one-on-one or focus group format to hone in on underlying feelings and motivations.

Complementary Services:

Segmentation & Persona Development

♦ Surveys

♦ Optimization Tests (CRO)

I Need Help with User Interviews


Please click on the ‘I need help with user interviews’ button above and complete the ‘contact us’ form. Upon submitting the ‘contact us’ form, you will receive a call from us within 24 hours. You also have the option to call us directly at 646-883-9177.

We’ll setup a exploratory call to hear more about your needs. Based on that conversation, we’ll put together a proposal and subsequent to proposal acceptance, we’ll forward a Service Agreement and Statement of Work.

The user interview process is quite similar to our survey services. We offer a full range of services including

  1. mapping business goals to data constructs and measures
  2. sampling and recruitment
  3. interview technique(s) determination
  4. question development
  5. interview administration
  6. analysis

At the end of the engagement, we provide you with a research report detailing methodology, interview questions, responses, analyses, and insights. We also give you any raw data files (Excel, R, Python) we’ve created through our process.

User interview projects range in price depending on (1) scope (e.g. full services vs. administration-only), (2) number (sample size), (3) incentivization, and (4) participant recruitment (e.g. panel recruitment).

After the project has been completed, don’t worry. We will remain available for questions and limited consulting to support deliverables, free of charge.