Segmentation & Personas

We describe the demographic and psychographic profile of your ideal customers. We create personas that represent the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors of those looking to solve their problems using your (or competing) product/service.

We create personas using a variety of data sources:

  • client data
    • CRM/sales data,
    • marketing/ mailing lists
    • social media followers
  • secondary inputs
    • kickoff Meeting notes
    • client market research
    • affinity mapping session
  • client customers
    • market research (survey and interview)

Complementary Services:


♦ Surveys

♦ Optimization Tests (CRO)

I Need Segmentation Help


Please click on the ‘I need segmentation help’ button above and complete the ‘contact us’ form. Upon submitting the ‘contact us’ form, you will receive a call from us within 24 hours. You also have the option to call us directly at 646-883-9177.

We’ll setup a exploratory call to hear more about your needs. Based on that conversation, we’ll put together a proposal and subsequent to proposal acceptance, we’ll forward a Service Agreement and Statement of Work.

Our audience segmentation and persona process is quite in-depth and intensive. We start by defining a purpose for the segmentation along with the corresponding metrics that best evaluate customer segments. We then identify data sources and go through the process of cleaning and normalize data. If we are working with rather large datasets with extensive feature vectors we employ dimension reduction techniques to extract the most impactful variables. We then go through the process of segmenting (e.g. clustering) to establish the basis for the next step – persona creation.

Segmentation and Persona Development pricing starts at $3,900.  Pricing varies based on the type and extent of input data (i.e. CRM vs. marketing list vs customer list vs. third-party vs. segmentation surveys). 

After the project has been completed, don’t worry. We will remain available for questions and limited consulting to support deliverables, free of charge.