Customer Research

We offer research designed to help you gain a better understanding of your target audiences and their respective needs, wants, and preferences.

The goal of this research is to help you achieve problem/solution fit as well as product/market fit through informed decision-making and execution of product development and marketing.

Describe the demographic and psychographic profile of your ideal customers. Create personas that represent the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors of those looking to solve their problems using your (or competing) product/service.

Identify the paths that your users take from awareness to repeat purchase. Map out the entire decision journey including thoughts, emotions, and touch points at each stage.


Interview users to get a sense of the true voice of the customer. Interviews support audience identification, product development, user experience, and industry research.

Get regular feedback from your users about their experiences with your product/service at the various stages and touch points in the customer decision journey. Use surveys to collect valuable quantitative and qualitative data around customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, customer needs and preferences, and user experience.

Company Analysis

We offer analyses to assess whether your value propositions and corresponding value chain are aligned with your target audiences.

The goal of this research is to help you maximize how value is delivered to your customers by identifying key strengths and weaknesses of your business model.

Evaluate your business model using the business model canvas framework. Analyze the value chain from customer segments and key channels to resources and cost structure.

Evaluate current value propositions for problem/solution fit and design new value propositions to meet customer needs.

Evaluate the core strengths and weaknesses of your business as well as identify key opportunities and threats against the context of the business model canvas.

Analytics & Optimization

We offer audit and implementation services to ensure you are able to track users/customers across your web properties and marketing channels.

We also employ testing to identify problem areas and recommend improvements for better user experience and performance. Google Analytics certified.

Measure your business’ key performance indicators (metrics) across your most valuable marketing channels. Receive a web audit and recommendations on how to improve analytics implementations and configurations for comprehensive user behavior tracking.


Properly implement Google Analytics on your website and configure it to track meaningful user activity and behaviors that lead to conversions. Use Google Tag Manager to integrate your cross-channel campaigns for central tracking and reporting.

Improve user experience, increase conversions, and maximize web performance by using A/B and multivariate experiments to test the impact of changes to your website.

Assess how users navigate your website (and uncover any issues) with usability testing. Get feedback from a representative sample of users who are tasked with completing goals on your website. Employ remote and onsite usability tests with varying fidelity (e.g. card sorting, wireframes, MVP).

Business Environment Analysis

We offer industry and competitor analyses that provides business context to customer research and company analyses.

The goal of this research is to pinpoint industry and competitive drivers, trends, and events that impact your business.

Benchmark your product and services against your closest competitors. See how you compare to the competition on a range of criteria including product functions and features, value chain, marketing strategy, and web performance.

Apply the Porter’s five forces model to determine how to strengthen your competitive position. Get insights into existing and new competitors, industry trends, supplier dynamics, and substitute products and services.

Setup industry alerts to track key competitor events including mergers, acquisitions, leadership changes, layoffs, and product launches.

Other Services

We offer additional services in market research, business analysis, and digital marketing (SEO).

We offer additional services in market research, business analysis, and digital marketing including affinity mapping sessions, keyword research & analysis, and adhoc web audit.