The Mere Measurement Effect | Podcast



In this episode, I am going to discuss the mere measurement effect and why you SHOULD routinely ask customers about their intent to purchase.

Mere measurement suggests that merely measuring intent to purchase (e.g. via survey)  changes the likelihood to purchase.

So how can you apply this to your customer experience?

As the research suggests:

  • Ask about purchase intent (make sure to include a time frame)
  • Ask regularly (particularly for those customers who expressed an initial positive purchase intent)
  • Solicit open-ended, positive feedback (which can create positively biased memories of an experience and the subsequent expression of those memories further reinforces those memories making them more salient and accessible to guiding future purchase behavior. For example, at the beginning of a survey you may want to ask “Tell me about some of the positive aspects of your experience…”



Rashard Spiller

Rashard is the founder of Userempathy, a startup marketing research and analytics consultancy. When Rashard is not building personas and implementing web analytics on behalf of his clients, he can be found at home driving his wife nuts with Yoda-speak.