Identify and get inside the heads of your ideal customers

 Get a comprehensive view of the customer journey to better inform marketing strategy

 Develop a plan to reach your ideal customer across marketing channels

 Get a firm grasp on the competitive environment via opportunities and threats analysis

 Track your ideal customers’ online activity and behavior across web properties

  Identify actionable metrics and KPIs to guide marketing efforts

  Optimize your online presence and messaging to better attract leads and convert sales


Companies that don’t quite have extensive research resources but need to know more about their target audiences and the environmental contexts in which they operate make a great match for our services. We can apply both traditional marketing research and growth hacking techniques to achieve actionable results.

We work well with a variety of organizations including:

  • Small Business
  • Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Marketing & Sales Orgs
  • Product Management
  • Digital Agencies


Customer Research

Integrate the voice of the customer into key business decisions with qualitative and quantitative market research. Identify audience pain points, needs, attitudes and preferences at each stage of the customer decision journey.

Company Analysis

Get an objective and comprehensive assessment of existing and/or new business models using a variant of the business model canvas.

Competitive Analysis

Get an in-depth analysis and benchmark of the competitive environment including industry players, key drivers, new threats/insurgents, and substitute products/services.

Business Environment Analysis

Gain context critical to understanding the environmental factors that impact the customer landscape. Factors include macroeconomic, financial, technological, and geopolitical among others.

Measurement Planning

Translate your business goals and objectives into key performance indicators (KPIs) measurable and tracked across digital channels.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Create online experiences that drive users to convert using targeted on-page testing and optimizations.

Gain in-depth market and customer insights to unlock growth



Marketing Agencies

Consumer Goods



Real Estate

Professional team with Fortune 500 and startup project experience across 20+ industries including life sciences publishing, digital marketing (agency), real estate, home improvement, legal, computer manufacturing, banking/finance, apparel, data visualization, cable, and industrial supply.